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REVIEWS for coaching

Jesse S. – “meeting you was a blessing in my life. I’m so grateful” – Student, Harvard University, US

Michelle J. – “extremely helpful. I feel I now know what needs to be done” – Consultant, S. Africa

Tului – “this was much better than I even anticipated it would be.”  - Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA, US

David B. – “great experience. I need to do more work with you.” – Trader, Analyst, France

Lee S. – “this was true business therapy –exactly what I needed” –Startup CEO, NY, US

Francisco S. – “thank you, you have no idea how helpful this was.” – Sales Manager, Spain

Tomas M. – “great help, I really needed to figure out the way forward.” – Musician, Netherlands

N. Srisang.. – “this was good. Thanks! The session was very helpful.” – Business Owner, Thailand

Douglas H – "great process to help me decide on where I should put my energy and focus.” – Business Owner, MA, US

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